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Higher Education Programs

Institutional Characteristics


Location of School - City

Location of School - State

Type of Institution

Classification of Institution

Minority Serving Institution

Recruit historically underserved learners

Language is a requirement

Improve ACCESS for all learners in more languages

Implement strategies to retain historically underserved learners

Obstacles to enrollment

Increase ACCOUNTABILITY through transparency and documentation

Publish description of program goals and requirements

Publicize efforts to increase historically underserved student enrollments

Publicize definition of student success

Levels of language offered

Conduct language assessments

Keys to Access and Accountability

Recruit faculty from HUL communities

Support faculty professional development

Partnership with education

Partnership with philanthropic foundations

Offer language immersion opportunities

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  • The UCLA Russian Flagship is a unique language program designed to enable students to achieve professional-level competence in Russian at the undergraduate level through individualized attention from faculty and staff. The… … Read More