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Application & Selection Process

Submission & Selection Process

Who can apply

School, college, university, Native American and community-based heritage language programs with model practices that increase the number or diversity of learners and/or languages.

The specific qualifications for program inclusion are:

  • Access: a proven tradition of educating historically underserved learners, whether from traditional bilingual communities (Native American, Latinx, Immigrant) or English speakers from disadvantaged urban and rural communities; and

  • Accountability: public transparency of mission and goals as well as documentation of results, as defined by their communities.

In accomplishing these general goals, programs may focus on specific practices like:

  • Using Dual Language Immersion to help dismantle school segregation

  • A student recruitment campaign aimed at a local heritage language community

  • Partnering with a local business to provide student internships for African Americans and People of Color from economically-disadvantaged communities

  • Faculty development of plurilingual and pluricultural perspectives aimed at teaching emergent bilinguals from heritage or Native American communities

  • Active partnerships with local businesses in economically-disadvantaged rural or urban communities

  • Successful legislative effort at the state or local level to increase access

  • Indigenous Language Immersion programs in more Native American Languages

  • A social media campaign to explain the goals and accomplishments of a program focused on access

  • Etc.

How to apply

To apply, complete the Application, which asks for detailed information on the program, hosting institution, and the goals of Access and Accountability. Filling out the Application will take some time and effort. Applicants must pay particular attention to the ‘special sauce’ that enables enhanced access to their programs.

How programs are selected

Model Programs and Practices to be entered in the Portal are selected by America’s Languages Working Group Fellows on the basis of the qualifications discussed and illustrated above.

The WG is responsible for quality control, which comprises an ongoing and random review of Application submission and selection.